Rachelle (irradescent) wrote in chathamcollege,

newbie question

I'll be transferring to Chatham in the fall (after 10 years off and on at CCAC, woo!!!) and was wondering when the bookstore starts selling fall semester books and what's the deal? I usually go to the CCAC bookstore, write down the ISBN number and then look on half.com. Is Chatham cool about people doing that, or do they really press people to buy the books at the store?

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I would email your profs, if you know who they are, and ask about what books you'll be using.

I know that in the English classes, it's a pain to not have the same pages as everyone else.

But, no, they don't pressure to buy from the bookstore. the profs are good about using older editions of books so people can buy used.
I remember a few of my profs specifically telling us that we could get the books cheaper online. I think the first semester of my first year, I bought at the book store, but after that, I got them all online.
Oh, and, hello to another non-traditional student.

hi back! :) i've heard that Chatham actually has a fair amount of non-traditional students. Is that true?
It is.

I'm the student gov rep for the non-traditional student organization, Gateway. You should hopefully hear about our start of the year luncheon sometime in August.