vincent is the quintessential vacation playground (axiomatize) wrote in chathamcollege,
vincent is the quintessential vacation playground

Graduate Student Incoming From Seattle

Hello, my name is Vincent and today I was accepted into Chatham's MFA: Creative Writing program. It was actually my no. 1 choice due to the unique curriculum and I just wanted to get an idea of what the university and Shadyside is like or even some insight from anyone in the fine art department. I guess I'm also curious, too, about the amount of male graduate students. I actually didn't even realize the only men allowed in were graduates.
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I attended the MFA program up until December and I loved it. What genre are you in?

There are quite a few male grad students. There aren't really that many in the MFA program right now.. my guess is a dozen?

Shadyside is cool, hip-- expensive to live in. I would recommend avoiding Chatham owned apartments if you can. You can get someplace better cheaper especially if you get a roommate or live in Squirrel Hill.

Do you have any specific questions about the MFA program? I was there for 2.5 years so I know everybody.
I am entering the MFA Fiction.

That probably sounds silly asking how many men there are. I was just kind of curious. I was also wondering how that applies to graduate housing being at supermajority female school.

Shadyside sounds great from what I've seen and read about it. Absolutely beautiful.

Naturally, entering an MFA is a pretty big commitment and I was wondering what MFAs at Chatham have done after graduation and the general contentment with writers in the program. It appeals to me as since graduating in '06 for my undergrad, I've been traveling, living in Istanbul, South Korea, and Italy and find that the focus of travel and environment is awesome. But I'd like to know if Chatham seems like the place where I can have a career afterwards.
I'm a recent undergrad from Chatham, graduated this past May. There are at least as many grad students on the campus as undergrads, and possibly more. Several of the programs do have quite a sizable male population, physician's assistant and physical therapy come to mind first, but I do know they've been aggressively recruiting and admitting qualified men into graduate programs.

Graduate housing on campus is just in regular apartments and it's in it's own buildings, so you're not even sharing the communal spaces in the grad housing with undergrads.

I can't help you with details on the program itself. But if you have additional questions about the campus I'd be glad to help!
I graduated a few years ago, and don't sell Squirrel Hill short to live in. Squirrel Hill is cheaper, and just a short walk from Shadyside, but if you have the money Shadyside is wonderful. There are a lot of really great places to eat and hang out.
I don't know much about the graduate programs at Chatham, as I only went for undergraduate, but I know a few men who graduated from the program and had nothing but good things to say.
I do know that the quality of professors at Chatham is really top-notch. I also attended PSU and I'm now at the University of Central Florida for my Ph.D work, and the professors just didn't care as much as they did at Chatham. I'm actually looking to move back to Shadyside. I lived there and Squirrel Hill for a while, so if you have any specific questions, I'd be more than happy to try to help you out!